Extensive know-how thanks to more than 60 years of experience in the development and production of turbochargers

PBS Turbo is able to provide prompt, reliable and competent assistance by well-experienced, highly qualified turbocharger engineers and technicians in these areas:

Technical engineering functionalities

  • Desing

    • Well experienced in the design of radial turbocharger
    • Usage of Pro/E, SAP   
  • Testing

    • Verification of serial turbocharger production under hot run
    • Development, validation and testing of turbochargers and components
    • Cycle endurance testing
    • Vibration, Noise, Temperature, Pressure measurement and analysis

  • Validation

    • Release of turbochargers for on engine tests, field testing and for serial deliveries
    • Responsible for turbocharger testing on burner rig, engine and in field test   
  • Trouble shooting

    • Focus on field tests   
    • Arranging and organizing measurements at the customer in cooperation with other departments
    • Support of service department, technical sales and quality department   
  • Applications

    • Defining the flow parts of the turbocharger based on the engine data
    • Cooperation with engine manufacturers in data evaluation